Who Writes This Stuff, Anyway?

Hey there!


Hello there! My name is Claire. I am married to an awesome guy named Wade, and we live in  St. Louis where my husband is studying to be a pastor and I’m getting a Masters Degree in Theology.

I love Jesus. More importantly, He loved me and gave Himself up for me to bring me near to God, which I could never have done on my own. If you want to know more about this good news (the gospel), please feel free to e-mail me. Jesus is my favorite person to talk about, ever. You’ll be reading a lot about Him here on this blog, if all goes as planned.

My other big passion is for women to find their identity in Christ alone, and find that the only lasting freedom to be found is found in His love.

I hope you find that Jesus is searching for you, as you read this blog, because He is. I hope you grow up into Him and find that He’s everything you’ve ever needed, because He is. And I hope you laugh your head off and join me in this crazy journey called life, because it’s sweet, because He made it that way.




2 thoughts on “Who Writes This Stuff, Anyway?

  1. Claire! I stumbled upon your page less than 7 months or so because Alisa Keeton posted about your blog. It was the post about workout boobs. Haha I died when I read that and couldn’t have agreed with you more. I’ve been following you on Instagram and creeping and commenting on some of your amazing art work you’ve created. I just want to let you know that you are such a wonderful model to so many including myself. The love you have and share through your posts here and Instagram are incredibly moving and Impactful!!!!! I seriously feel like we already know each other, well more so I know you! It’s funny how social media does that. I’m not sure at this point if you think I’m weird or crazy, but I’d love to exchange numbers and maybe chat about life sometime or just email back and forth!! If you’re weirded out, I’ll just leave It at this: you have a wonderful way of expressing how you feel and I totally believe the lord has given you that gift to relate to others and encourage other woman! Thank you for your vulnerability and all that you’ve shared!!!
    I hope to hear from you soon!! Have a lovely night/day!!

  2. Claire,
    I’ve just found your entries about body image and repentance in the thick of it plus a few more. It appears that you haven’t written anything for your blog since last August. If the one about repentance in the thick of it is your last one, what about now? How are you and what has Jesus taught you since then?

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