Floatin’ My Boat September Edition: Claire’s Favorites.

I have about 10,000 ideas for more serious blog posts and it all just became too much for me at the moment to choose…so…I’m doing a fun post. Things I am into, wish I was into, or would like to be into…get into it.

Some of these things are products, some aren’t, some I have actually experienced, some I haven’t….let’s be honest, anything goes. If I have enjoyed it or it caught my eye in August/September, it will probably be here.

also, let's just talk about how the word "boat" starts to not look like a word after about the 4th reading...okay. let's move on.

also, let’s just talk about how the word “boat” starts to not look like a word after about the 4th reading…okay. let’s move on.

Let the list begin!!!

1. Red Hair.

For anyone that has known me, for…well, pretty much any amount of time, you know that I color my hair ONE color and only ONE color, although it has changed in shade throughout the years. That color is R-E-D, people- the vibrant, the sassy, the undeniably not-trying-to-pretend-to-be-a-natural-ginger tone that I have fallen in love with since the age of 14. I color my own hair now on most occasions, and I often get asked what color I use. It’s no secret, so here it is. 


Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Intense Red for Darker Hair R3.

I jumped around a lot from different shade to different shade until I found this gem. It’s sassy enough to pack a punch, and has amazing staying power, although for the first week when I wash my hair I have to put an old towel on my pillow at night after I shower so my pillowcase doesn’t look like I was bleeding out from a head wound when I wake up in the morning. Yeah, it’s potent. 


2. Joy! A Bible Study on Philippians for Women

Folmar 364

When I was at the Women’s Gospel Coalition Conference earlier this summer in Orlando, I entered into what may easily be called the room of my dreams: a 4,000 square foot room of discounted Christian books by brilliant theologians and passionate Jesus-lovers. I lost my cool.

 While I had the above study in my hands, I heard a woman speaking to a lady next to me, saying, “Keri, did you see how the cover turned out!? I love it!” I realized I was standing next to THE Keri Folmar, author of the book I was holding. I smiled and tucked the book into my basket, which, as my 19th purchase of the day, threatened to break the plastic loops attached to my gathering basket rapidly reaching the 25 pound mark.

And out of the 25 books that I bought, none have measured up to this tiny little study book.  

Let’s just say I have connected with this study more than any I have ever done before. The questions are simple, maybe painfully obvious to some, but they made me slow down and see what the text was actually saying. I learned the importance of small details in the scripture, the beauty of Paul’s joy in the midst of being imprisoned, and his deep love for the Philippian church. I have finished that one and since moved on to Keri’s second study, Faith: A Bible Study On James. She only has two out, but I’m really hoping she will write more soon. Do yourself a favor and pick it up here. 

3. Ultimate Sack 


It’s swallowing me, and I don’t mind.

I would like to think that my sheer joy in this photograph would speak for the merits of the UltimateSack all by itself, but here’s what I have to say. Buying an UltimateSack (the cheaper, just as comfy version of the LoveSac), has been the most random and excellent purchase the Urigs have ever made. Is it necessary? Absolutely not. Has it made everything in life, including watching movies, reading books, collapsing during a workout, and eating a peanut butter sandwich more enjoyable?

It has. I rest my case. 

 4. The Old Parsonage in Oxford, England

Guys. It was a mere month ago that I was staying at the Old Parsonage with my best friend (my sister), her favorite man (my brother in law), the cutest child in the world (my niece), and my favorite person ever (my husband.) Here is a summary: I WANT TO GO BACK AND NEVER LEAVE. Mostly I want to go back to Oxford, but so much of what made that part of our trip around Europe so enjoyable was the absolute BEAUTY and delight of staying at The Old Parsonage Hotel. 

Ode to Oxford & the Old Parsonage: 


Christ College: Where part of Harry Potter was filmed.


During High Tea at the Old Parsonage: Can you see me!?


Panorama of The Library in the Old Parsonage Hotel. I know. I died.


Ann swaggin’ the streets of Oxford.


just take me back.


now. seriously. immediately.

 5. Olivia Burton Watches

Dual purpose: makes my heart flutter and keeps time.

Dual purpose: makes my heart flutter and keeps time.

They are dainty, lovely, floral, and British. I am asking for one for my birthday, and plan to wear it all the time. Being in graduate school again, it just really doesn’t look good if you have your phone out all of the time- even if you are TRULY only using it to check the time. So a watch is in order, and as I haven’t worn one since high school (a smattering of Swatches…) it’s time to put on my big girl panties and get a real timepiece. Just think of it, a timepiece on a dime piece. I could start a female-watch-wearing revolution. 🙂




It’s British again, I can’t help it. Cath Kidston has the most beautiful patterns on just about every type of bag, mug, plate, tea cup, and iPhone case imaginable. She’s a London staple, and I saw so many women in England wearing them, (and had seen none in the States)…that I knew I had to bring one home with me. My amazing husband got me the one pictured here because I told him I was starting school again and had to have a backpack. Practical and beautiful…my favorite combination. It’s this great cheese cloth fabric, so it never gets stained permanently because you can always brush off dirt or wipe off any stains. Pretty fantastic. 


Well, that’s that. I always have more favorites to favorite. Summary: I love soft foam blobs, joy in Scripture, ginger hair dye, British bags and watch bangles, and my heart is stuck in a hotel in Oxford. 

What floats your boat? Anything I should know about? Let me know below. 

❤ Claire 


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